Enabler Report Printer Setup

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  1. Access Report Printer configurations in Back Office
  • Back Office ⇒ Local Store Setup ⇒ Equipment ⇒ Report Printer

Enabler Report Printer Setup1.jpg

  1. Select the printer number you wish to edit/create
    1. Tick "Is a report printer attached"
    2. Select the Printer Type EG: "Laser"
    3. Enter a decsription for the printer EG: "Report Printer"

Enabler Report Printer Setup2.jpg

  1. Click "Connect Device" to select the physical printer to be used

Enabler Report Printer Setup3.jpg

    1. From the dropdown list, select the Local or Network printer
    2. Click OK to save the selected printer

Enabler Report Printer Setup4.jpg

  1. Click OK to save the settings

The printer will now be available as an option to print to when running a report.

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